Around the 1990/1991 time period, the Castle Hill complex was constructed.  It was designed by Peter Gabor Associates, award winning urban architects.  Peter and his team take pride in a functional design, with "design excellence in style, finish and contextual response".  The architects still list Castle Hill as a proud achievement on their site today, which you can read about here:

"Consisting of terraced townhouses centered and bordered by new parks, the project used lanes for the first time in 50 years in Toronto to keep garages off the face of the building, resulting in a unique and pleasing facade of gently curving buildings."

The two pictures below were taken around 1990.  Except for the cars, it looks like the pictures could have been taken today.

Castlehill, 1990 Castlehill, 1990


The additional pictures below were taken in more recent times.

Walmer Road view

Walmer Road view of the complex, with Casa Loma nearby.


Walmer Road, parkette

Walmer Road with the neighbouring parkette.


Spadina Road view

Spadina Road with an adjacent parkette.


Laneway view

Laneway view showing private garages for all homes.


Rooftop trees view

Overhead view of the complex, nestled amongst the trees.